• Surf and Beaches - Zumaia, Gipuzkoa

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    Surfing in Zumaia Gipuzcoa


Surf and Beaches - Zumaia, Gipuzkoa

Surfing in Zumaia, Gipuzcoa

The Irutzun Beach is just 300 meters from Zumaia. Its waves usually range from a meter to a meter and a half, and surfers can be spotted there throughout the year. The site offers views of the famous flysch rock formations, and at the top is the Hermitage of San Telmo. This is a beach ensconced in an idyllic, gorgeous setting.

Following the coast, you reach Zumaia's Playa Gris (Grey Beach), which is the most popular amongst skilled surfers. Also known as Planeitxa, it boasts waves more than 6 meters high, but it is only recommended for expert surfers, as it can be dangerous, due to the nearby rocks. Depending on the tide and other circumstances, it can be dangerous to surf. Remember: for experts only.

Beaches and surfing in the Basque Country

Get to know the Basque Country through its magnificent beaches. The Basque Country, on both the coast of Gipuzcoa and Biscay, and in France, features truly fantastic paradises for those who enjoy getting on a board and experiencing the thrill of surfing.

Other apartments

The URAIN caserío, an 18th-century three-storey Basque country house, features five independent rural apartments, four located in the caserío and, a few meters away, the fifth is an independent duplex. Each URAIN Suites apartment boasts a complete kitchen, plasma TV, Wi-Fi and spectacular views.

Outside is a beautiful garden area with a barbecue, picnic area, and an animal park, with chickens, rabbits, ducks and donkeys for children to enjoy. URAIN Suites: an oasis of peace and tranquillity.

  • Urain Suites apartamentos rurales en Itziar-Deba


  • Urain Suites apartamentos rurales en Itziar-Deba


  • Urain Suites apartamentos rurales en Itziar-Deba


  • Urain Suites apartamentos rurales en Itziar-Deba


  • Urain Suites Apartments, rural tourism accommodations in Itziar-Deba


Delve into Basque culture!

Learn to surf at one of the schools, play Basque pelota at the Zumaia frontón facility, hike the Gran Ruta, or Great Route (GR) 121 and visit the FLYSCH Cliffs. Visit a cider house (sidrería), savour a steak (chuleta), and be sure to try the pintxos (Basque tapas) and txakoli (wine). Delve into Basque culture!

Mardari Auzoa 10, 20829 Zumaia-Deba (Gipuzkoa) País Vasco

Fotografías - Photographs: Javier Larrea & Peio Romater

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